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Lyrics for  -  Background Static of

Perpetual Discontent

© 2014  What the Zuck Publishing

1. Face The Music

Is it you, or is it me?

That lives in simple truths or lies you see

I’m still getting to know myself.

Do you know you?

Well, maybe it's time

That we face the music; start taking control


Responsibility for words we say and thoughts of who we are


When we face the music; start taking control

Life begins to show us all the beautiful things that we’ve been looking for


Take this victory song. Learn to love yourself all along the way
is the time more than just the top enjoy the climb.


Join this revolution, to love yourself each and every day


When we face the music; start taking control

Opens up the heart space more and more

When we face the music; one day at a time

Open up your heart and let the love come in and the light shine out

If you’re going to love me; I want you to know

Listen to my music, not the radio

If you get to know me; come on take it in, all that spoon fed music stop listening

If you’re going to love me; I want you to know

Listen to my music, not the radio.


If you get to know me come on let me in, listen to my music let the show begin.

2. The Turn Around

I know better than to say forever after what happened to me that cold December

You broke off, a piece of, my beautiful heart I’m weighing in at ok, I’m ok, and we’re ok, for that I’m saying


You tore me to pieces and tore me to shreds

I’m thanking you now because I turned around

I solemnly swear not to do it again

I’m taking a bow because I turned around.


And if you take notice to my brand new style

I’ll be thanking you much

I made the turned around

I guess I’m still trying to make some amends for giving an inch and how you took a mile


Put together pieces of my broken heart

Forgetting deeply that it came to start and if it comes repeating

I can now easily say no, no, no, no!


My clouds have cleared

My sun has fully risen.

Feels like sunshine upon my historical prison

In no way, I’ve given anything less than good

So give me what I deserve for that I’ll be willing and ready


Win some  - loose some ;it’s all part of the plan.

Me falling down and getting back on my feet again

Win some - lose some; it’s all part of the plan

Take a good look at me

Now, I’m a better man

A better man - I am

3. Cause I'm Gone

Are you missing me baby? 'Cause I’m gone

And you know it’s hard to carry on

Are you missing me baby? 'Cause I’m gone

And you know it’s hard to carry on


Are you missing me baby ?

'Cause u know it’s me that keeps you company

Now that u r free

Will you still download my mp3’s?

And still think of me when I’m gone?


Bridge: Ah ah ah yeah..ah ah ah yeah; are you missing me?



So you want me up? But you bring me down

So you want me up? But you bring me down

So you want me up? But you bring me down

So you want me up? Then don’t bring me down


Are you missing me baby? 'Cause I’m done

Well, I thought I was your number 1

Exchanging you for something fun

'Cause I don’t want a rerun

4. I Just Wanna Be Me

They call me Mr. Sensitive, an all original child

Always getting picked on from a group gone wild

I never knew the obvious

I never understood what this was doing inside of me; just that it didn’t feel good.


Why can’t I be indifferent like the other boys?

Detaching from emotional sure would make it easier

I never knew the difference; I never understood

Tried so hard fitting in, but didn’t think I could.


You don’t even know that your killing me softly


I don’t wanna cry, I don’t wanna break down

Why do I have to feel so deeply?

I don’t wanna be like everybody else and put my feelings aside

I just want to be me!


Sometimes I want to be indestructible and not really care What you do or say to me, I just want it to roll off my back
I want to be popular
I want to be adored
Put me right back up on stage
I want that big reward.


I don’t wanna be the type of fighter that just fights with gloves on

Even though I feel strong, inside I’m not so strong

I wish sometimes to be like you, but I do know I won’t be true to myself - to myself
I think it’s time to be myself

I don’t wanna be the type of writer that just writes the loves songs even though I love songs and now I feel the love

I sometimes need it to release what happens on the inside

No longer can it be denied more or less it’s bonafide.

I’m feeling lucky to be me and I don’t even care what you are thinking about me 'cause I am who I am

5. Guilty Pleasure

I know - I know this reoccurring scene is oh too, oh too, oh so too familiar

It’s so - it’s so hard to be the good one, when I am sometimes not feeling so good.

If you’ve got what I need and it’s not so bad for me, it’s just my once in a while; my guilty pleasure


I am, I am, tempted don’t assume that I,

I can, I can, yes, I can say no

Put away, put away, the feeling good until

The weekend is the time to let go


If you’ve got what I need and it’s not so bad for me

It’s just my once in a while; my guilty pleasure

I often cannot resist

There is some beauty in this

It’s just my once in a while my guilty pleasure.

Ah ah ah oh my guilty pleasure

Ah ah ah oh come pleasure me


You know you get a little like this

Just a once in a while where you indulge a little sacrifice and break the old style

A certain kinda' something makes it sometimes so good to feel

Our guilty pleasure helps it when it’s so hard to deal



6. GO

Go away from here today

You make me feel so cold

So cold on the inside

Red is flashing in my head; coming from what you said you want to take it slow

Hey, you think you know me well, but I can surely tell that you really don’t

Red is flashing in my eyes; I’m feeling paralyzed

I think you’re kind of pro- at this

So you think that you can dance around a second chance you really ought to know


You and me we used to live together once upon a time

You and me we used to think forever we were so sublime turned to a crime show

I really want to see you GO!


Green is now my color red

It’s time for you to head straight out my front door

You’ve got nothing more to say, it’s just another day in Fidel Castro land

I can see right through your clothes that final kiss I know was obviously planned


You can’t make me stay, you threw me away
I don’t want to play; I’m so naked

I don’t want to stay; you just go away
I’m so going to take you to the bank

Hey, you think you know me well, well I’ve got news for you, you’re going straight to


You make me feel so cold on the inside

You wish I took it all in stride you make me run and hide

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at all… just GO!

7. Human Connection

Remember the times when we used to write letters to that special guy

Checking the mailbox for it every single day just to get a reply


What ever happened to that human connection

What ever happened to that one on one time

What ever happened to that human connection

We could all use just a little more kindness


Remember the times when we used to talk face to face?

If not

We were inclined to call up a friend and talk hours on the phone just so we could unwind.


What ever happened to that human connection

What ever happened to that one on one time

What would we do without Facebook and texting would we be ok for just a short time
If we could rewind to a different place and a different time


Remember the times when we’d smile at a neighbor help each other and do favors just to be a good friend?

What ever happened to those swear on pinky promises when, when did it end?

8. Evaporate

Your love is like a circus and I’m not the animal to tame

I brought the best out of you; I’m left with anger; who’s to blame?

My head’s in spinning cycles you keep it up go ahead and try

And I come from different fabric and it’s time to hang it up to dry


And I can still see you climbing in through windows pretending you’re the one

If only I would give you another chance, but it just feels so wrong

I cannot wait for you to escape evaporate - Evaporate

All of this toxicity inside of me that you inject you see

You’re no good for me; I know I must leave you

Why is it so hard?


You play the role of victim I play the demon... oh, so strong

By now you ought to know me this is my Alanis Morissette song

Keep jumping hoops to find me
I’m not telling you what you should do

I’m taking back my freedom

Getting rid of what I had tattooed

And every time you try to play superhero I begin to yawn

And you cannot pretend to play Romeo because Juliet is gone


This thing that you call love is bringing me down

It’s such a shame that it’s not over baby

This picture perfect world dressed up like a clown

I’m asking more and more for real love maybe


This love is a three-ring circus and I know which ring comes off my finger

9. Bandage

Bandage, won’t you come around before I hit the ground?

Wrap me up 'cause I am damaged Won’t you appease? 

I’m’ hurt so cover me so I cannot see

Myself, I close my eyes

All dressed up disguise

Because of all the baggage, please up pack me 

I don’t want to see I’m naked underneath

When you dress me - expose enough to see

Not so tight so I can breathe

Wounded from last night; why is it so hard to see the light?


Don’t knock me when I’m down


And if it comes around next time no one means no crime

The hurt won’t be as bad cause I’m stronger so don’t knock me when I’m...


Heal me so I can go to sleep the pain is underneath

The cut ever so deep

10. I Fall Down

One male said to another it’s ok to feel this way but

Attraction none I get from that discretion is discovered (2nd time recovered)

Lead me to my adolescents how it still confuses me - the fur, the coat, the invitation

Mind into nervous state oral fixation not on purpose, sometimes we’re led to believe everybody else has purpose

We all get to go to Cony Island just to have a ball

A little drunk and then I start to

Fall down on my knees begging you please to forgive me this time I fall down

Don’t say the words, I cannot blame you for being this hurt I fall down

Love is one, two another, three can get a little crowded, especially if that one is the one I won’t allow

And when I was five I would crawl onto the sharpened razor’s edge

Soon, we must decide which way to fall

11. Apart

I’ve been without while you’ve been with and I don’t want to be without anymore

I felt cheated by you; so mistreated so why is it you that I still adore?


Well, it’s you and me every night you see that keeps playing with my heart

So give us a try no more those goodbyes and those endings with a depart

Every time I try you deny

It’s tearing me apart - don’t wanna be apart


I’ve been longing for the you that I dreamed of
Now, I’m lost in my words and sounds

It’s been weeks since you walked me out your door
Now, I'm lost in my world I found


Well, it’s you again every night you spend with me takes me back to the start

Then you walk away every time I stay ripping up my work of art

Every time I try you deny
And it’s tearing me apart

Don’t wanna be apart

12. What About Me?

I can tell what you want, I can tell what you need

Your love’s a hunger to feed


I can’t seem to erase; the wink of your eye; the smile on your face

Come on and love me


All I need’s that one night with you!

The face of person and the body to carry me through


Don’t give up what we can be

I’ll say my prayers so we can be free
You say the hell with me!

When you’re all alone and it feels so wrong so you call me up on the telephone and say! HEY!

What about me?


It’s your notion, your devotion, my sexuality

It’s the right time, to invite time, it’s what makes my society
Love me …love me


What about me?

13. Who's That Cat?

It’s a Saturday night; the moon is full …you see this cat and she’s smoking on this looooong cigarette

Story goes something like

Ooooh What’s that noise? It’s coming from the alley grooving with those ghetto boys

Ooooh Who’s that cat? She’s got her head up high and she’s smoking on that cigarette

Ooohh Can she move? Each step she takes, takes to that alley groove

Oooh it’s starting to make sense why the cat’s doing the strut on my baby’s white picked fence

Who’s that cat? Where did she come from?

You know she’s making all the noise with all the right boys tonight

Oooh who’s that cat? She’s my pet peeve lover and she might be the cathouse delight

Oohh there she goes, she’s  a walking stalking woman and she knows that nobody knows


Who’s that kitty? Man, she’s so pretty you know she’s making all the right noise with all the right boys tonight

Oooh who’s that cat? She’s my pet peeve lover and she might be the cathouse delight

J O S H   Z U C K E R M A N

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