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Lyrics for  -  A Totally New Sensation

© 2002  What the Zuck Publishing

1 A Totally New Sensation.

So, if it's love or if it's bliss; to feel the softness of your lips 

I am not afraid of what people say

And, if it's right or if it's wrong

Well, I don't care if I belong

I am not afraid of you

This totally new sensation

So many times a day I have you in my thoughts and I find

You inconspicuously hanging from my mind

For not too long or not too short, oh yes, it's just about right

In my possession as I write this down

Some only dream, while others - make their dreams reality

A feeling one might like to get to know

As seen in photographs and heard; in conversations with you

A grand desire plan to let myself go

All we need is LOVE.....LOVE

It's all about LOVE.....LOVE

If it's all about LOVE.....LOVE

Then let's talk about LOVE

Let us commemorate and celebrate these feelings; at ease

It's an incision break of unity inside

Like Ellen's generous to Ms. Etheridge and Ms. Lang

I think it's just another way to let themselves show

2. Been Thinkin'

I sent you love every time that you were feeling down

I took a taxi drive in the direction going down town

I still have that photograph picture of you

in my mind; yes, I do

Melt down, break down, talkin all words about you

...uh..huh.. Oh, I've been thinkin'


I don't know why the cows are tippin;

I don't know why the sky turns gray

If I had a dime for every time I thought about it a day.


I saw a man dressed as Santa Claus on a bus

You know the yellow ones

He took a drive down memory lane for a few; drinks that is

Oh, he's been thinkin'


Well, he don't know why the cows are tippin'

Like I don't know why the sky turns gray

If we had a dime for every time

we thought about it a day

Well, I can't sleep while the beds are burning

I tell the truth, when a lie has been told

I wanna live the crazy life with you

before I start getting old.


I took a drive in a 1956 Chevrolet;

you know, the Bel air one

Now illustrated by a custom colored

dark blue pattern cloth

...uh huh..

And you know there is something;

there is something about you that makes me feel good

My favorite season is the Fall, when the leaves fall
hose leaves fall down

...uh huh..

Oh, I've been thinkin' ...way too much

3. Spiritual

I can't deny

I too should try

Don't go to sleep

Let's talk about... us


Flame burning low

With no where to go

Except out and

We know that we don't want that


Have I lost the ritual?

Have I lost the spiritual?

Raise a little love that makes you feel good

Raise a little love that we've all had

I don't need a written resolution

To define that your sad


Time ticking fast

Why can't it last?

How can it be?

That we worry about the past


Come to me close

Now come a little bit closer

Don't go to sleep

Spoon with me for a while; for a while... for a while

4. Forgiveness

As we now enter the new millenium

There is a conscious global change

A precious gift that we are all searching for

As we all learn to love ourselves


When we start taking more responsibility

And no more playing the blaming game

A time when we all come together now

We are one, all the same


How do we learn the word forgiveness?

When we can't even forgive ourselves


Harbor hate when we can chose love

The choice is always ours to make

A new beginning starts with here and now

When we all learn from our mistakes

5. Karma

See my life on the silver screen

I play the hero

Sometime a Fiend

I know your watching from outerspace

Leave the light on; so I can see your face


I've been lonely; feeling blue

I've been lied to and I've been used

But now that I'm at another place

I've chosen forgiveness and now my angels are - jumping...

All my life I've been alone

And now I'm feeling love

And I just wanna

Share this with you

No more crying over this

Or crying over that

Yes, I just wanna

Share this with you

Karma sends you all what you're thinking about


I've been wasting too much time

Dwelling over the past and I'm

Moving forward at a slow pace

I've chosen love and now my angels are - jumping...

Over my face; over disgrace


Now there's a time

And a place

Where love and hate meet face to face

And you know love will win

'Cause hate belongs with sin

While karma sends you all what you're thinking about

6. When Love Comes

Back Again

We found our way to make it

Make it through the night

Our bodies lying naked

In our house we find

Making love without regrets

And breaking plans we made

When we need them

Open up our hearts to find

that love comes back again

We vow to stay together

Make it work this time

No more of those broken promises

Yes, they are truly lies

So, if we leave this love we'll find regret

By breaking plans we made when we need them

Love feels truly right this time

and love comes back again!

So, if you love something let it go

It doesn't belong to you

So, if you love something then you'll know

If it comes back to you

Now that we stay together

We must compromise

Remember when we first kissed

we must find the way to the heart

7. Missing You

Sent letters from above now

Are crumbled up and thrown against the wall

New visions of forgiveness

In missionary positions

2nd x (in doggie style positions)


Let's take another chance

At this romance

And rearrange

What love is meant to do

Take another look at what we've done let's be at one


I'd be missing you...


Take time with a stranger

If you don't understand

To fall in love can mean danger

If you don't understand

Although you know it's better than before

Take another look inside yourself some more

8. Just As Well

You blew me a kiss just the other day

I caught it with my hand; held it close to my heart

Opened my hand and dropped it... shit


Woke up the next morning with nothing to say

So, I put on my shoes, my coat and my hat

To look for that kiss that you blew to me where is it?

Can someone help me right now....


Why do things happen like this? When I think things are going so well


I walked down the street on a cloudy day

I saw a big ditch and I fell into it...



You told me you loved me the other day

So, I called you last night on the phone

Then someone else picked up

Someone else answered

Who was it? Tell me right now

Why - do things happen like this?

When I think things are going so well


You blew me a kiss just the other day...

I caught it with my hand, held it close to my heart

Opened my hand and there it was.... yes


I walk down the street on a cloudy day

I see a big ditch but this time I walk around it


9 A Place That I

Call Home.

I go to work today with hopes to find a way

Longing for the things I need in time will come way

Remember yesterday,

running with the boy inside of me?

I'm so afraid,

I'll never find a place where I belong


You were the only one that I could find

I need someone to show me

How I can find myself and learn to love deep down inside my skin 

Sometimes it's hard to tell if I will find the time to sleep with peace of mind

Do I belong where I am now?

I'm searching for a place that I call home


I woke up the other day

with hopes to find a way

To tell the truth

I've got to tell myself to stay away

from all the lies I keep inside myself today

Searching for a place that I call home

10. The Only Way To You

Is Through Me

Separate my heart

When I'm with you

Although, it hurts me too much to think about what you said
It's inside of my head

Although, I know that it made you cry


So, if I fall down, I'll get back on my knees

And if I leave town; I'll try to find my way back

If you stick around; I promise I will give what you need

Cause the only way to you is through me

Yes, I know I've sinned

For I'm only human so why

Why can't you forgive me?

So by now you should know

That I cannot let go

So why can't we make it up through the night?


I've been alone

All by myself

Although, I'd rather not be

To be alone

Although I can

Where I'm not dependent on you

To be alone all by myself

I'm not sure that's what I want

To be alone, To be alone... who really wants to be alone?


Separate my heart from my head when I'm with you

And things will work out some how

Just as long as I know that you're still there

We can make it through this night

11. Circle Of Friends

He takes control of you only when he wants to

He keeps on picking at you - just because he wants to

He drives you mad baby and you know he wants to

Come take my hand baby only if you want to


I'll send you kisses baby only if you want to

Bouquet of flowers if and only you would care

I'd play my music for you only if you'd listen

I'd even hold your hand in public everywhere


So, if you're tired of the people that you hang with

I know it's scary when you think you're all alone

But if you learn to love the person you're alone with

That's when I welcome you into my circle of friends


Well, it's your life; do with it what you would want to

It's not your destiny to be with him

So if they judge you by the certain friends you keep

Well then it's time that you find another friend


They always say that he's being condescending

He keeps on lying and he tells you what to do

So, if you need another shoulder than to cry on

That's when I welcome you into my circle of friends


Let's not pretend baby that it doesn't bother you

I understand and it's only 'cause I care

If he's a real man then maybe he would listen

It's time you find out what you want; find out what you need -  find out who you are

J O S H   Z U C K E R M A N

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